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3 Reasons Why Somerset Woods Recommends Seniors Utilize Technology

Modern technology is simply amazing.

The healthcare community is always utilizing new technology. Somerset Woods is no different. Whenever possible, the team uses the latest technology to help them better serve their residents.

They go a step further, though, by encouraging their residents and their families to embrace technology.

3 Reasons the Team at Somerset Woods Urge Seniors to Use Technology

Here are just a few reasons why Somerset Woods – the best nursing home in Somerset, NJ – advocates the use of things like tablets and smartphones.

1. Reduce Loneliness

Smart devices are great for keeping in touch with friends and family. Apps like FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom are easy to use and totally affordable (AKA: free!)

2. Increased Safety

Did you know there are personal safety apps for seniors? The following apps will keep your loved ones safe even if you can’t be with them.

  • Fade – A fall detector app
  • IBP Blood Pressure – Keep track of blood pressure levels
  • Medical ID – Keep all your healthcare information in one easy-to-access place

3. Simpler Medication Management

Medication management is imperative. It’s so easy to get medications and dosages mixed up. Thankfully, apps like MediSafe Medication Management help keep track of medications, while others remind seniors when it’s time to take their meds.

Have Questions About Technology? The Best Nursing Home in Somerset, NJ Can Help

If you’ve been evaluating nursing homes near Somerset, NJ, choose the one that has your loved one’s best interests at heart.

Not only will the team at Somerset Woods keep a close eye on the emotional and physical health of your loved one, but they’ll also help them find ways to embrace technology.

Whether they need help using FaceTime to talk to their grandkids or they need help understanding their medication management app – the team at Somerset Woods is always happy to help.

Curious how we utilize technology to care for our seniors? Contact us today to learn more.

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