Why Nursing Homes Near RWJ Encourage Exercise for the Brain and Body

Nursing Homes Near RWJ

You know that exercising is good for your health.

It keeps your bones strong, your muscles flexible, and excess weight off your body. That, in turn, keeps your heart healthy and reduces your risk of disease and injury.

But did you know that exercising your body is good for your brain, too?

It’s true! You can keep your brain in good working order – even if you’re away from home and staying in one of our nursing homes near RWJ – by exercising regularly.

Exercising Your Body and Brain: Staying Healthy While in Our Nursing Homes Near RWJ

Exercise is great for your brain for multiple reasons.

First, it releases hormones that improve mental health and reduce depression and anxiety, both of which can compromise cognition.

Second, physical exercise promotes better sleep. A lack of sleep will not just make you cranky – it can make you forgetful, too.

Finally, certain exercises take concentration and hand-eye coordination, which in a way is exercising your brain.

What can you do to stay physically healthy while staying at one of our nursing homes near RWJ?

Don’t Forget to Exercise Your Brain, Too!

Of course, physical exercise isn’t the only thing that’s going to benefit your brain. You should take some time each day to exercise your brain.

The great thing about this type of exercise is that it’s so much fun. Find out what kind of brain exercises you like and then go crazy with them. Learn a new language or how to play an instrument. Play games and puzzles. Read a variety of books.

There are so many options available to keep your brain healthy, whether you’re at home or in one of our nursing homes near Robert Wood Johnson.

Would you like more information about how the team at Somerset Woods can help you stay healthy and active? Contact us today. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

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