Getting Healthy After 60

Grandmother in the kitchen slicing some cucumbers with sliced and whole tomatoes on the side.

Developing healthy habits isn’t easy, but it gets significantly more challenging for those heading into retirement. However, this is the perfect time of life to create a lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy a higher quality of life throughout your golden years. These simple tips can go far in enhancing health after 60.

Strong Bodies Are Healthy Bodies

Aging brings an increased risk of falls and broken bones. You can significantly reduce that risk by building your strength and staying active. Cardiovascular exercise, which can be as easy as a daily walk, will keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Strength training using free weights, machines or resistance bands helps to counter bone loss and reduces the likelihood of a serious injury if you should fall.

The Mind-Body Connection

Physical and mental health are closely intertwined throughout life, but especially in the later years when conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s become more common. Embrace learning and self-improvement, as keeping your mind as active as your body is a key preventative factor for these conditions. Devise healthy ways to manage stress, such as meditation, rather than turning to smoking or alcohol consumption. Continue to socialize with others that share your experiences and interests.

Use Your Time Wisely

It may seem like retirement will bring the necessary time to cultivate healthy habits, but research has shown that is not always the case. A 2017 study found that people over the age of 60 who were retired tended to be more physically active but did not adhere to American Heart Association recommendations like a healthy diet or smoke-free lifestyle. It is essential to use that extra time once dedicated to working to improve your health rather than watching television or other sedentary activities.

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